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New Meat

Tenants cum and tenants go here at Lot 45, but no matter what, when a hot new guy moves in, the competition's on to see which one of us gets his ass first. Argos moved into number 29 last week and I guess we all should have known that boss Trenton would be the first to tap that sweet hairy ass of his. But it wasn't enough that Trenton was the guy who got to plant his pole at the top of Mount Argos, no Trenton had to rub it all in our faces by shooting some video with his cell phone to send to us all in the weekly newsletter. Argos drops down on his knees like a rent boy at confession and sucks on Trenton's dick. Then Trenton tells him to smile for the camera and slides that dick up Argos' hole. Once he's done fucking him he gets him off. Argos thinks he's done but nope... for his troubles he gets a big load of cum all over that hairy face and sent on his way. All in a day's work at Lot 45.